AI Advanced Plan

Algorithmic Precision

Fractal Market Behavior Analysis:

Our proprietary algorithms in the Advanced Package are finely tuned to recognize fractal patterns within currency markets, indices, and futures contracts. These algorithms dissect historical market data to identify recurring patterns that align with the principles of fractal market behavior. By understanding and interpreting these intricate patterns, our system provides you with insights that transcend typical market analyses, enabling more accurate predictions and informed decision-making.

Time-Series Forecasting:

The Advanced Package incorporates advanced time-series forecasting algorithms that extend beyond the short-term focus of the Basic Package. This enables our system to analyze and predict market movements over extended periods, providing you with a comprehensive view of potential trends and fluctuations. The utilization of time-series forecasting enhances the precision of our predictions, contributing to the development of a more robust trading strategy.

Sentiment Analysis and Economic Indicators:

In addition to price patterns, our algorithms factor in sentiment analysis and a diverse range of economic indicators. By analyzing news sentiment, social media trends, and economic data, our system gauges the broader market sentiment, providing you with a nuanced understanding of the factors influencing price movements. This multi-faceted approach ensures a more comprehensive analysis, enhancing the overall accuracy of our trading signals.

Portfolio Construction:

Instrument Diversification:

The Advanced Package goes beyond individual currency pairs, indices, or futures contracts. Our algorithms strategically construct portfolios from a diverse array of financial instruments. This comprehensive approach not only mitigates risks associated with specific assets but also maximizes opportunities across multiple markets, contributing to a more resilient and adaptive investment portfolio.

Risk Management:

With the ability to calculate the risk associated with short-term investments, our algorithms provide a crucial layer of risk management. This empowers you to optimize your portfolio and make strategic decisions to minimize potential downsides.

Unlock the Potential of Advanced Trading:

If you seek a trading experience driven by advanced algorithms that decode fractal market behaviors and leverage sophisticated time-series forecasting, our Advanced Package is tailored for you. Contact us today to explore how our cutting-edge algorithms can be customized to align with your unique trading objectives.

Long-Term Security:

The carefully curated portfolio in the Advanced Package is designed to withstand the test of time. By incorporating a mix of financial instruments and considering higher time horizons, this package aims to provide stability and security for your investments over the long term.
If you're ready to enhance your trading strategy and unlock the full potential of the currency market, contact us today to discuss how our AI Trading Platform and the Advenced Package can work for you.


Min. Deposit: 5 000 €

Max. Deposit: 20 000 €

Duration: 9 Months

Payoff: every month 18%

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